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At Dossett Dental, our goal is to give each and every patient the unique care they need to have a healthy, confident smile. In some cases, that means performing comprehensive dental therapies and oral surgery, a task we treat with the utmost care.

Dental Surgeries We Commonly Perform

Dental Surgery Plano

Tooth Extraction

We use sophisticated tools to provide worry-free tooth extraction services. From simple frontal extractions to complex extractions of impacted wisdom teeth, we have experience that you can count on.

Cosmetic Dentistry Plano TX

Dental Implants

When replacing lost or damaged teeth, we start by implanting metal posts in our patient’s jawbones. These create a secure foundation for our dental surgeons to attach artificial teeth to, creating a durable, long-lasting solution – far superior to dentures. Learn more about dental implants.

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When choosing a dental surgeon, you want to be absolutely sure your dentist is highly qualified and has experience in the specific type of surgery you need. Anytime we determine that surgery is necessary, we’ll make sure that you get the very best oral surgeon for the job, ensuring a quick and comfortable recovery.




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