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Dentures experience wear and tear just like natural teeth do. Over time, they can become uncomfortable, painful, and even unwearable. If that happens, you can rely on our mobile denture repair team to visit you in your home and make them like-new once again.

Mobile Denture Repair Offers Ultimate Accessibility

We understand that coming into our Plano office may not always be feasible due to mobility limitations.

We offer the unique service of on-site denture repair in the Plano,TX area. We have denture repair specialists who are ready to visit you wherever you are at whatever time is most convenient. We will come to your home, assisted living facility, or even your work!

We’re able to repair dentures quickly using the tools we bring along. When more extensive repairs are needed, we’re able to take impressions and have an off-site facility produce new dentures. We then bring them to you to ensure a proper fit, providing optimal convenience and accessibility.

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If you need mobile denture repair services, we’re available weekdays, during regular business hours.




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