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When caught early, we can prevent tooth decay using fillings and dental crowns. However, when decay advances to the interior of a tooth, it can become a painful condition that only a root canal can treat.

Our team at Dossett Dental has years of experience providing patients with high-quality care that saves natural teeth without causing undue stress or pain. Our root canal services can help you keep a tooth that is otherwise destined for extraction.

How to Tell if You Need a Root Canal

When biting down on a particular tooth or exposing it to abrupt changes in temperature causes pain, a root canal may be necessary. Schedule an exam with one of our expert dentists and we will determine the cause of your tooth’s pain and temperature sensitivity.

Following this examination, we’ll have the information we need to determine the best treatment option for you.

Why Get a Root Canal?

Root canals have a historically bad reputation. Prior to 21st century advances in dentistry, they were painful procedures. However, our root canal specialists have invested a great deal of time and energy into making the root canal procedure as pain-free as possible for our patients, allowing you to safely enjoy the following benefits:

  • Root Canals Save Teeth. Sometimes when a tooth becomes severely damage, a root canal can save it from being extracted.
  • Relief Comes Fast. Once the source of the pain is removed, it’s only a matter of time before you notice the difference.

A Root Canal Is a Permanent Solution

When a tooth becomes infected, it’s only a matter of time before the infection damages its inner nerve, and the pain becomes unbearable. A root canal offers pain relief and an opportunity to save the damaged tooth.

Schedule Your Root Canal Examination Today!

While you may have heard stories about painful root canals, you have nothing to be afraid of at Dossett Dental. Schedule an examination today and we’ll address all of your concerns once we’ve determined that a root canal is in order. Remember that tooth decay tends to spread – so call 469-331-5962 and schedule your appointment quickly!




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