Workers Compensation Dentist Plano

Workers Compensation Dentist Plano Texas

Workers’ Comp Dentistry

We have a great deal of experience handling workers’ compensation claims for dental repairs. If you’ve been injured on the job and qualify for workers’ compensation, our specialists can walk you through the paperwork process while delivering the treatment you need.

Dossett Dental’s team of highly qualified dental experts offer more than quality dental services – we’re invested in helping you obtain the quality of life you desire. That’s why we lend our workers’ comp patients a hand when it comes to the paperwork.

What to Do When Scheduling Your Appointment

  • First, give us your adjuster’s name and claim number so that we can fill out the necessary paperwork on our end.
  • Next, visit our office for an exam and get x-rays taken.
  • We’ll send the exam and x-ray results to your adjuster.
  • Once your adjuster sends us an approval authorization, we can schedule dental work.
  • We’ll perform any and all required dental work to bring your smile back.
  • After the procedure is finished, Dossett Dental will file the Workers’ Compensation paperwork on your behalf.

Need to make a claim? Call us today!

We’re available weekdays and Saturdays at 469-331-5962. Give us a call and explain that you’re looking for Workers’ Comp service – we’ll take care of you from there.




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